I created this logo for a sports podcast. I was given full creative control over the direction, so I decided to take route of a literal interpretation since it would offer a fun brand theme. I hid secret details within the podcast cover for the client such as recreating his favorite football team of the Steelers in nugget form and dipped them in the sauces of their respective colors. Also, if you tilt the design 90° to the left, the sauces form a baseball diamond's bases with home plate at the bottom.

This logo took me out of my comfort zone since I rarily work with organic shapes in my work. It's due to the fact that they bother me that you can't mathmatically control the shapes in the same way you can with a square or circle.

The Sport Nugget Podcast Icon Black Filler
Black Filler
The Sport Nugget Podcast Cover Black Filler Nugget Collar